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Enviro Quick Step Horizontal Flue Installation

Enviro Quick Step Horizontal Flue Installation Sheet PDF »


A. 4 Flue clamps
B. 1 Cowl
C. Gas fume exhaust
D. Air intake

Step 1

Using a flat head screwdriver, unscrew the flue clamp as necessary until it fits over the end of each of the flexi flue pipes.

Step 2

Stretch out the end of each flexible flue pipe to ensure the flue clamps grip tightly. Slide the two flexi flue pipes over the corresponding pipes at the rear of the firebox.

Step 3

Tighten flue clamps to secure flues to the firebox.

Step 4

Stretch out flue as required up to 4.5 meters or cut to size as required. Ensure that there are no tears or holes in the flues.

Use 3 bends only

Our flexible flue has the ability to bend 3 times between the heating unit and the cowl. This includes the bend straight out of the heater if you’re fluing through the ceiling or floor.

Make the flue pipe go over the bearers and joists

You may bend the flue over joists and bearers. It is recommended that a 20mm clearance be maintained between the smaller gas exhaust flue and combustible materials.

Fluing where the pipe had a spot lower than the rest

Never allow a low spot in the flue. Installing the flue with a dip or “goose neck” can result in reduced efficiency or even prevent the fire from working.

N.B. Remember not to have a dip anywhere in the flue. It is recommended that 20mm clearance is maintained between the smaller extraction flue and combustible material

Step 5

As in step 1, unsrew the flue clamps until they fit over each of the flue pipes. Slide the two flues over the corresponding pipes on the base of the cowl.

Incorrect installation may result in reduced perfornance and in some cases prevent the fire from working.