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Enviro High Efficient Gas Fireplaces

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New Features

  • New improved flame pattern
  • New improved log set
  • Reduced setting for exhaust fan – reduced noise
  • Better fan control allowing higher flame with lower fan – reduced noise
  • Much improved low flame setting allowing the unit to run on low heat while maintaining great aesthetic flame
  • Introducing a freestanding casing
  • Introducing a special fascia for installation into a mantelpiece

The Heatmaster Enviro is an award-winning high efficiency gas log fireplace with a huge heating capacity perfect for open plan living areas. The Enviro has a sleek contemporary design which is available with a choice of logs, pebbles or coals to match the look and style of your home. The programmable thermostat remote control allows you to ensure that your house is warm when you get up in the morning or get home at night.

As one of the most powerful gas log fires in the market, the Enviro will warm entire spaces of up to 250 square meters. Yet despite boasting one of the largest heat outputs of its kind, the Enviro fireplace is also kind to the environment with an exceptional energy rating of 4.6 stars.

Available as an inbuilt or freestanding unit, your new Heatmaster gas log fireplace is customisable with different fascia and finishes to ensure a seamless addition into your existing living space. The Enviro is versatile enough to be installed into timber or plaster, giving you the flexibility to create a federation period look to even the most contemporary styles.

Additionally, The Enviro’s flexible flue and zero clearance gas fire makes installation simple and easy. The Enviro is one of the only gas fireplaces with such a strong emphasis on design and efficiency.

As with all Heatmaster fireplaces, The Enviro is an Australian owned product which was designed in Australia for Australian conditions. We take great pride in the quality and design of our award winning fireplaces.

Visit your local Heatmaster dealer to experience the incredible heat and features of the Enviro. While you’re there, also check out our award-winning inbuilt Seamless Landscape for a gas fireplace with landscape dimensions. Don’t pay the price for another cold night again.

Some key features of the Heatmaster Enviro:

  • High efficiency, 4.6 Star rating
  • Huge heat output - up to 250sq meters
  • Australian made
  • Option of logs, pebbles or coals
  • Flexible small diameter flue for ease of installation
  • Contemporary clean design
  • Programmable thermostat remote control included


Heatmaster Enviro, Stainless Steel Fascia And Inserts:



Stainless Steel Fascia with a 15mm outside return.

enviro with SS fascia
* Images, flames, colours and surrounds may vary in appearance and should be used as a guide only


Heatmaster Enviro Fireplace Dimensions:

Enviro gas fireplace dimensions


*depth includes flue connection spiggots
*An extended fascia is available with an additional 20mm at the bottom (overall height 751mm)

For complete, scale drawings click here Architectural Drawings

Enviro gas fireplace architectural drawings

Heatmaster Enviro cowl

enviro gas fireplace cowl
Horizontal cowl depth 80mm x width 210mm

Horizontal cowl for Heatmaster enviro gas fireplace
Vertical cowl depth 80mm x width 210mm with 150mm dia x length 900mm stainless pipe



Heatmaster Enviro Fireplace with pebbles:

* Images, flames, colours and surrounds may vary in appearance and should be used as a guide only.


Brochure »Quickstep installation »

Full installation and trouble shooting library »

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